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Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA Inc. has been engineering O-rings, seals and other automotive molded rubber products into components and systems in the automotive rubber industry since the early 1970's. Our manufactured rubber and plastic molded parts are used in transmissions, brakes, steering, clutch assemblies, engines, air conditioning systems, batteries, electric motors, solenoid valves and in scores of other automotive rubber applications, as well as the automotive after market. ISO/TS 16949 Certified.

Automotive Applications
Engine and Transmission Mounts
Head Gaskets
HVAC and Cooling Systems
Headlight and Taillight Boots
Bushings and Mounts
Brakes and Modules
Vibration Mounts
Powertrain Systems
Automotive Rubber Powertrain Systems

The need for high performance elastomer's in engine and powertrain systems is on the rise because of the higher engine temperatures, extended warranty periods and the growing need to reduce engine emissions. Datwyler's family of elastomer's used in automotive rubber applications addresses these needs, as well as, an array of other functional applications.

Engine Gaskets and Seals
Engine gaskets and seals used in engine applications require an elastomer that demonstrates great fuel and high temperature stability and Viton® fluoroelastomer is typical the compound of choice for such applications. Products that Columbia produces that use Viton® include: fuel injection seals, fuel pump seals, manifold gaskets, diaphragms and other applications that require custom molded rubber products.
With the trend of engine and powertrain systems pushing sealing materials to their limits, Columbia has responded by developing new materials that are able to meet these strenuous demands and still be cost efficient, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing.
Product Examples
Diesel Engine Seals
Gasoline engine seals
Engine Mount Systems
oil pan gaskets
rocker cover gaskets
front cover gaskets
radiator tank gaskets
o-ring in long life coolant
Power Steering Seals
Many of the power steering applications of today use high-pressure hydraulic systems. Seals for these applications include an input shaft seal and inner and outer rack seals. The input shaft seal also called a pinion seal are for shafts with slow oscillating rotation, and they have operating pressures that are 10 to 20 psi.
The outer rack seal and inner rack seal are reciprocating applications and can see pressures up to 1500 psi. Typical rack seals will have plastic PTFE back-up rings to prevent seal lip blowout.
Power Steering Hoses
Power Steering hoses require elastomer's that are able to perform well under a number of different conditions. For example, the elastomer will need to have high tolerances for oil, heat and ozone resistance because of the demanding conditions of transmission and engine systems. It must also be able to withstand high temperatures and have the durability for long term life applications
Product Examples
emission control hose
air duct hose
long life coolant hose
Head Gaskets
The cylinder head gasket is commonly considered to be the most important seal in the automotive engine. The Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) gasket is know the automotive industries preferred method of sealing between the cylinder head and engine block. In this system, multiple layers of cold-rolled spring grade stainless steel are coated with a thin layer of elastromeric material. This thin layer of elastomer is essential to the structure by providing a sealing action to the metal surface imperfections, while resisting aggressive gases, oils and coolants.

Nitrile (NBR) is an elastomer that is commonly used, however, Fluoroelastomers , more specifically Viton®, is quickly getting attention for its high temperature resistance and its aggressive resistance to fluids such as, fuels, fuel mixtures, coolants, oils and combustion gases.

Auto Rubber Gasket
Transmission Seals
The Automatic Transmission is a complex system combining several different applications, posing a challenge for seal designers. Typically their are two main types of transmission designs: rear wheel drive and front wheel drive, both requiring seals to prevent any leakage. Rear drive designs, for example, typically employ an input seal to prevent leakage of transmission fluid at the interface between the torque converter and the transmission case. Front drive designs also use an output seal to prevent leakage past the output shaft.
Engine Mounts
Engine mounts are rubber to metal bonded components used to isolate vibration, absorb shock and support load. Datwyler's engine mounts are highly durable and heat resistance.
Engine Mounts

Applications in the chassis and underbody systems that call for rubber products includes; shock absorber seals, CV boots and liners, vibration mounts and air springs, all of which contribute to the smooth ride all drivers want. Hoses, cups and boots provide the performance necessary for critical braking and steering systems.

Automotive Rubber Bushings
Auto Rubber Part - In Chassis
Brakes and Modules
Brakes are one of the most critical parts on an automobile and rubber parts used in such applications need to be able to withstand the extreme environmental hot's and colds, as well as the frictional heat produce from everyday braking. Some of the applications Datwyler is currently manufacturing are listed below.
Brakes and Modules
Brake Calipers
Lip Seals
Noise & Vibration & Harshness Control
Datwyler offers varying types of automotive rubber to metal vibration isolators which are designed and manufactured specifically for your application. These isolators are used to diminish vibration, impact or shock as well as to reduce noise level during application use. Examples of vibration control devices currently being manufactured are listed below.
Brake Booster Diaphragms
Brake Diaphragms
Brake Caliper Components
Brake Drum Components
Brake Booster Components
Brake Master Cylinder Components
ABS System Components
Break Cap Seal
Brake Hose
Dust Cover Seals
CVJ Boot
Pedal Pads
Gear Covers
Caliper Piston Seals
Caliper Piston Boots
Engine Mounts
Center Bearing Support
Linear Mass Dampers
Body and Chassis Mounts
Shock Absorber Bellows
Shock Absorber Seals
Vibration Dampening Material rubber exhaust hanger
Fuel Systems

Viton® fluoroelastomer is so effective against extremes of heat, chemicals, fuel mixtures,and fuel additives that it has become an essential element for meeting stringent emission requirements. With today's tightening controls on emissions and passenger safety, more demands than ever will be placed on hoses and sealing components used in automotive systems.

Automotive Rubber Fuel O-Ring Seal
Fuel seals
Fuel Seal
Stringent automotive emission regulations and increasingly hostile engine compartment environments are making life tough for fuel system seals, diaphragms and gaskets. Only a few specialty elastomer's like Viton® fluoroelastomer can function under such conditions and enable system designers to meet near zero fuel permeation targets.
HVAC - Heating & Cooling Systems
In the early 1990's chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant, which is what automotive air conditioning systems relied on, was changed to what is known as R-134a, because of proven harm that CFC's had on the ozone. With this change came complications with the current seals being used. The change to R-134a necessitated the use of a different type of lubrication. The combination of this new lubrication, as well as, higher operating temperatures, made the current types of elastomer's being used for sealing applications obsolete. A change had to be made. Hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), with its good resistance to such conditions has proven itself useful in such applications and is know the more popular elastomer used in automotive sealing applications.
Formed Hose
HVAC & Cooling Systems
Datwyler has the experience and ability to design and manufacture custom seals and sealing devices for both your automotive HVAC and Cooling Systems. Having been involved in the automotive rubber industry for over 30 years, Datwyler has experienced engineers to help in the design process as well as in choosing the correct elastomer for the application.
Electrical Systems

The electrical system is one of the more important aspects in an automobile for both personal comfort and general operations. In order for this system to run smoothly the electrical components must be sealed from outside moister and debris. Datwyler have over 30 years designing and manufacturing compounds for such applications that focus on both durability and functionality.

Automotive Electrical Systems
Headlight Seals
A common problem in a headlight systems is moister seeping through poorly sealed crevasse and entering into the headlight itself, causing a cloudy appearance. To avoid this, custom seals are added around all the wire fixtures and any other applications where two parts are being joined.
Headlight Seals
Headlight Seals
Integrated Grommet Wire Systems, Wire Pass through grommets, Wire Harness Plugs
Datwyler has over 30 years designing and manufacturing custom grommet wire systems, wire pass through grommets and harness plugs. Cable grommets are used with enclosures and panels where the cables entry point must be sealed from moisture and dust.
Wire Pass Through Grommets
Additional Products Listings

Here at Datwyler we specialize in custom molded rubber applications and pride our selves on being able to meet nearly any automotive rubber product specification, however below is a list of automotive applications we are currently manufacturing to better demonstrate our abilities.

Radial Shaft Seals
Oil Seals
Engine seals
Transmission Seals
Strut seals
Power steering seals
Bearing seals
Light axial seals
Heavy axial seals
Industrial oil seals
Mechanical face seals
Track roller seals
High pressure seals
Wheel end seals
Fluid Power
Lip Seals
PTFE Rotating Seal Rings
Piston seals
Rod seals
Buffer seals
Precision wear rings
Back-up Rings
Ball Valve Seats
Spring energized seals
Vibration Control Devices
Engine Mount Systems
Center bearing support
Linear Mass Dampers
Body and Chassis Mounts
Shock absorber bellows
shock absorber seals
rubber exhaust hangers
Oil pan gaskets
Rocker Cover Gaskets
Cylinder head Gaskets
Die cut paper gaskets
Rubber covered metal gaskets
Molded gaskets

Custom O-rings
Square Rings
Lip seal
Reinforced Hose
HVAC - air conditioning and heat system hoses
Reservoir hoses
Duct Hoses
Vibration Isolation
Brakes and Modules
Bushings and Mounts
Headlight & Taillight Boots
HVAC Systems
Head Gaskets
Engine and Transmission Mounts
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