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Datwyler is a R&D and Engineering focused company working to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers that allow them to achieve their goals. We support our customers with product design, material development, prototyping and production of precision molded rubber components.

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Engineering & Design Support

Rubber Engineering & Design Support

Datwyler offers full engineering and design support for precision molded rubber and rubber to metal bonded components.
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Rubber Materials, Custom Compounding & Testing

Datwyler develops innovative materials to meet customer's application requirements or improve product performance.
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Our rubber prototyping services provide our customers a cost effective and timely solution to take concept from design to product realization.

Rubber Prototyping Services

Rubber Engineering Materials Examples
Rubber Manufacturing Mold
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Rubber Molding Processes

Each rubber manufacturing process has unique advantages and disadvantages. Our team's experience allows us to help customers determine which rubber molding process is the correct process for the application.
Rubber Injection Molding
Compression Molding
Rubber Transfer Molding
Liquid Injection Silicone Molding
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