Damper Assemblies and NVH Systems

Datwyler designs and develops tuned mass dampers and other NVH systems for
applications across many industries. These dampers are used to diminish noise levels as well as
vibration during application.

Damper and NVH Systems Product Examples:

Tuned Mass Dampers Example Image
• Torsional vibration
• Axle noise, gear whine
• Transmission noise
• Propshaft bending

• Engine vibration
• Transmission Vibration
• Machinery Vibration
• Vibration sensitive electronics

Driveline and Tuned Mass Damper Assemblies head Text
Damper Tuning Chart
Datwyler tunes rubber to application specific frequencies to minimize noise and vibration during application. This technology is used for applications such as: slip yoke dampers, internally tuned dampers (ITD's) and axial flange dampers.
• Slip Yoke Damper Assemblies
• Internally Tuned Torsional Dampers (ITD's)
Slip Yoke Damper Image
Torsional Tuned Dampers
• Center Bearing Dampers
• Axle Flange Damper Assemblies
Other NVH Systems - Chassis Text
Engine Mount Damper Examples
• Engine Mount Assemblies
• Transmission Mount Assemblies
Transmission Damper Assemblies Image

Columbia PV Rubber Bonding:

Datwyler uses a proprietary post-vulcanization (PV) bonding technology for applications where the substrate metals are very complex, large, or the component designs do not allow for in-mold bonding. Please contact us to discuss if the Datwyler PV bonding process is right for your application.
PV Bonded Chassis Damper
Axle flange damper assembly
center bearing damper
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Typical applications include:
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