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Datwyler offers premium quality FDA compliant and food grade rubber seals and hoses for elevated pressure and temperature applications. Food grade rubber products are all custom molded for your particular application and specifically engineered to handle a wide range of liquid food products such as, wine, beer, potable water, as well as, milk products and fruit juices.

FDA Compliant Rubber Parts

» FDA Rubber: Tubes, Seals, O rings, Custom Molded
Datwyler has FDA compliant elastomers for applications involving rubber compounds interacting with food and beverages. At Datwyler our FDA compliant rubber compounds are put through rigorous testing to meet the demands of the most challenging food and beverage applications. We are proud to offer several lines of rubber o-rings that meet these stringent demands, however, we also offer specialized rubber hoses, seals, and gaskets that can be custom molded to your specific specifications. The table shown below expresses some of the key features of Datwyler's premium FDA compliant rubber hose lines.

FDA Compliant Food Grade Rubber Seals, O rings and Gaskets

» FDA Compliant Rubber Seals, O rings and Gaskets
Datwyler is proud to offer our line of FDA compliant food grade elastomers for food and beverage applications. Currently we are manufacturing three compounds, EPDM, NBR, and VMQ that meet these rigorous specifications. All of our FDA compliant and food grade rubber seals and gaskets are custom molded to your exact specifications to ensure performance specifications are achieved. Datwyler is also pleased to have a standardized line of rubber o-rings, in various sizes, shapes and durometers that meet the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and FDA criteria for food and beverage processes. However, if you do not see the specifications you are looking for please contact our engineering department for more information.
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Datwyler's Food Grade Rubber Hose Capabilities

Datwyler's custom molded rubber hose products cover the full range of industrial fluid and dry food transfer applications. Our FDA compliant and food grade rubber hoses are available in a wide choice of core elastomers, reinforcement designs and outer coatings to meet specific pressure, temperature and other performance requirements.
Datwyler's Food and Beverage hoses are all custom molded to your exact specifications and are available in
NSF 61 and FDA compliant elastomers.

Food & Beverage EPDM Hoses

These hoses are ideal for food and beverage, dairy and other applications within a temperature range of -67°F to 302°F. Recommended for applications that demand both flexibility and ruggedness with a clean FDA compliant tube. The food grade EPDM tube is odorless and tasteless for those applications involving transfer of oily substances.

FDA Hose

Food & Beverage Nitrile Hose

A high quality suction and discharge hose for food and dairy products, water transfer and hot CIP solution, it withstands temperatures of -67°F, to 257°F. Highly resistance to animal fat and vegetable oils.

FDA Hose

Food & Beverage Silicone Hose

Our food grade silicone hose is available in a variety of different hose products to suit your particular applications. All of our food-grade silicone tubing is FDA compliant and can provide reliable service at temperatures ranging form -175°F to 482°F.

FDA Silicone
General Hose Characteristics
Resistance to bacteria build-up and complies with FDA standards for use in food contact surfaces
Excellent resistance to chemical properties
Designed for suction or discharge applications
Odorless and tasteless cores allowing juices, beer and the like to remain pure
Offer hoses with built in reinforcement
Large range of working temperatures
Offer hoses with increased flexibility
The Anatomy of hoses
Rubber hoses play an integral part in today's food and beverage industry because of their versatility and functionality. In order to choose the correct hose or tube for your application requires some background in how hoses are made. The following is a brief look into what makes up a hose.

Most rubber hoses have three layers, the inner most layer or the "tube", a layer of reinforcement, and the outer layer commonly referred to as the "cover". The inner most layer or tube has two functions: to contain the fluid being conveyed and to resist being broken down form that fluid.

If the fluid is going to be put under increased pressure the tube may need to be reinforced with either a fabric or wire. This reinforcement is often referred to as the second layer in most hoses, and can be seen in the image to the right. This reinforcement or "carcass" helps to protect the tube from internal pressure and outside forces

The third layer is the cover. The cover further protects the tube from external damage and deterioration from external forces. This cover can also serve as an identification tool or to simply improve the look. Although these secondary layers are commonly used, homogeneous tubes or hoses with only one layer are also available. To learn more about rubber hoses or to speak to one of Columbia's experienced engineers please call
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FDA Hoses
» Cross Section of reinforced tubing
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Due to the number of interacting forces, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR ELASTOMER SELECTION BE RIGOROUSLY TESTED IN THE ACTUAL APPLICATION, performance assumptions must be checked so that you are certain that all variables have been carefully considered
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