Rubber Grommets & Custom Grommets

Datwyler designs and manufactures custom grommet solutions to meet customer specifications. Our grommets have been used in the automotive, medical, plumbing, food / beverage as well as general industrial segments. Example applications include:

• Wire pass through grommets
• Vibration Dampening / Mount Assemblies
• Sealing
• Finishing Components
• Insulation
• Spacers
Custom Grommets Example

Datwyler's Rubber Grommet Design Expertise:

Our team has extensive experience in designing custom grommets for a variety of applications.
A few examples of Datwyler's custom developed grommets:
Grommets for insulation and/or sealing around panel holes, while minimizing abrasion.
Panel Custom Grommets
example: Panel grommets designed to protect wire, hose, pipe or other objects passing through a solid- panel wall.
Rubber grommet vibration isolation systems inserted at the point of component interaction or system
Rubber Grommet Isolators
examples: Rubber grommet isolators with integrated metal bushing compression limiters.
Window Grommets With PSA
Grommet or isolation pad including single sided PSA for easy installation.
examples: Rubber grommets with PSA – these grommets are used to provide insulation and reduce noise and vibration in application.
Wire grommets used to seal panel hole at point of insertion and/or protect assembly from panel edges.
Wire Grommets
examples: (Left) split grommet design. (Right) rubber-to-plastic bonded wire assemblies for ease of assembly.
High Precision Grommet's for critical sealing applications.
Precision Medical Rubber Grommets
examples: Precision grommets used in medical devices (left) and plumbing applications (right). Materials meet industry specific requirements for medical (USP Class VI) and plumbing applications (NSF 61 for potable water).
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