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Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA is a leading manufacturer of o-rings, rubber seals, rubber-to-metal bonded systems and custom molded rubber components. Our engineered rubber components are used by major global industrial and retail product manufacturers across most major industries.

Through years of providing innovative engineering and design support across a wide range of industries, our company has developed extensive experience and knowledge in these rubber industries including automotive, plumbing, medical, and general industrial segments. Datwyler has been working with such industrial segments for the past 30 years, designing and manufacturing custom seals and sealing devices as well as many other custom molded rubber products. Designing innovative products that are also able to meet industry specific specifications such as, FDA requirements and USP class six certifications in the medical industry, and NSF certifications in the plumbing and food industry allows Datwyler to offer its customers solutions to unique industry challenges at competitive costs.
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Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA Inc. has been engineering O-rings, seals and other custom molded rubber products for use in automotive components and systems since the early 1970's. Our rubber, plastic, and thermoplastic components are used in transmissions, brakes, steering, clutch assemblies, engines, air conditioning systems, batteries, electric motors, solenoid valves and in scores of other automotive applications, as well as the automotive after market.
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Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA Inc. offers a broad range of custom molded rubber products that are FDA compliant and USP class six certified, for cleanliness and non-toxicity, for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, diagnostic and surgical instruments and other non-implantable medical devices. Previous projects have included extruded tubing, bellows and a wide range of different types of seals and sealing devices. Datwyler has a range of medical grade and FDA compliant grade materials for medical and food grade medical applications including, EPDM, Viton®, and Silicone
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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

Datwyler has over 30 years designing and manufacturing various types of custom molded hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Hydraulic seals have included hydraulic cylinder seals, hydraulic rod seals and hydraulic piston seals. Our pneumatic seals are built to contain pneumatic pressure on a piston and available in various sizes.
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Datwyler offers a full range of NSF/ANSI Standard-61 certified products including; O-rings, seals and custom molded rubber parts, for potable water applications. Our certified products are part of the nationally recognized standard for materials that come in contact with drinking water. Being certified by an independent third party to the NSF-61 standard ensures our products meet the rigorous requirements of the NSF 61 standard.
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Food & Beverage

Datwyler designs and manufactures custom molded products that are FDA compliant and can meet the certification for materials used in the production or delivery of food and beverage products. Products Engineered for food and beverage applications include; orings, seals, tubing and other custom molded goods for use in such applications.
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Datwyler Sealing Solutions USA Inc. offers a complete line of elastomers that are able to meet demanding military specifications. Such stipulations include; resistance to aircraft fuels, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, excellent resistance to compression set, use in high pressure and low pressure dynamic applications other performance factors.
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