Datwyler offers a full range of NSF/ANSI Standard-61 certified products including; O-rings, seals and custom molded rubber parts, for all potable water applications.

Our certified products are part of the nationally recognized standard for materials that come in contact with drinking water. Being certified by an independent third party to the NSF-61 standard ensures our products meet the rigorous requirements of the NSF 61 standard. For more information please visit the NSF web site at http://www.nsf.org/
NSF Applications
The NSF 61-Standard is used to establish minimum requirements for the control of potentially harmful contaminants leaching into drinking water as a result of water interacting with the faucet components. Rubber compounds submitted to the NSF go through rigorous testing to determine if these standards are met. For more information on this standard refer to the NSF Web Site.

NSF 61 Applications

» O-rings, Seals, Gaskets & Custom Molded
The Datwyler NSF-61 certified o-ring product line is among the industries most comprehensive. Compounds currently used in this product line include: Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM), Nitrile (NBR) and Silicone (VMQ). At Datwyler our NSF certified compounds are developed by our Research and Development team and put through rigorous testing to meet the demands of the most challenging plumbing and water system applications. A wide range of compounds are available that exhibit specific properties including, chloramine resistance, low compression sets and long dynamic application lives. Presently our compounds are being used by major OEM faucet and related plumbing manufactures for both static and dynamic sealing applications, however our o-ring lines are not the only NSF certified products Datwyler produces. Datwyler also prides itself in the ability to produce custom rubber parts to our customers design, or our engineering team can work with your company to design a solution for your specific application. So if you have any difficulty finding exactly the right product for your application, contact Datwyler and if it is not immediately available we will design and manufacture a custom part that will meet all your product specifications.

Please Contact our engineering department today to discuss your o-ring and custom molded rubber material requirements @ 1.800.227.3539 x -19.

NSF O-rings
Not All NSF Products Are Created Equal - The Hydrorite® Difference

Hydrorite® » NSF 61 approved and Chloramine Resistant Elastomers

At Datwyler we are proud to offer our family of Hydrorite® compounds. These are NSF Std. 61,Sec. 6 & 9 certified compounds qualified for use in drinking water applications. The Hydrorite® family of materials are engineered to maintain low water swell after 1000 hours of heat aged testing, demonstrate outstanding compression set results and are designed to offer long dynamic application lives. Further, Hydrorite® E702 & E703 have been specifically engineered to exhibit outstanding resistance to chloramine making this family of compounds unique and assists plumbing manufactures in realizing longer life for their products.
NSF 61 Approved Elastomers
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NSF 61 Applications
Abrasion Resistance
for Dynamic
Hydrorite® E702 & N601 Engineered for dynamic high abrasion applications including cartridge seals.
Materials include,
Nitrile and EPDM.

Chlorine vs. Chloramine

While others in the industry may perceive chlorine and chloramine as one in the same, in actuality they are very different. For the past 100 years water treatment centers have been adding chlorine to sterilize their water supply. While Chlorine acts as a disinfectant it can also react with organic matter in the water supply to form toxic disinfectant by-products (DPB'S). To resolve this problem ammonia is often added that reacts with chlorine to form Chloramines, which in return reduces the amount of DPB'S in the water. Chloramine sterilized water systems have been implemented by some major municipalities in an effort to reduce the levels of DPB's in the water supply and to maintain more consistent disinfectant levels from the first to the last point of the water distribution system. This change from Chlorine to Chloramines can have detrimental effects on rubber materials if they have not been designed to resist Chloramines. This is where Datwyler's Hydrorite® compound separates it's self from the field. Not all NSF compounds are the same. With Hydrorite's® resistant's to chloramine, impressive swell rates and compression sets, this product has the ability to meet your needs of today and tomorrow.
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Due to the number of interacting forces, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR ELASTOMER SELECTION BE RIGOROUSLY TESTED IN THE ACTUAL APPLICATION, performance assumptions must be checked so that you are certain that all variables have been carefully considered
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