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Rubber o-ring coatings can provided a wide range of application advantages including; pigment modification, assembly efficiently, application lubrication, o-ring functionality modification. Cost efficient o-ring coatings can be an effective alternative verse modifying o-ring compounds.

We offer a range of custom coatings to improve product performance in several key areas:
Coating Trade Name Description Benefits
Polycoat tm - CC0392 Fluorochemical - dry resin coating process design for overall ease of assembly Reduce coefficient of friction in assembling components preventing seal damage.
Autocoat tm - CC0439 Dry PTFE light film coating for automated assembly applications. Substantial improvement in throughput in automated assembly applications.
Chlorocoat tm - CC1000 Secondary chemical process designed to lower the coefficient of friction of the finished part. Reduced resistance from rubber component in assembly for dynamic applications.
PTFE Color Coating - CC2000 Colored PTFE coating for part identification and for automated assembly applications Improvement in throughput in automated assembly applications; Allows for part color coding by production line for multiple compound environments.
O-Ring Coatings

Datwyler Performance Rubber Coatings:

Assist in manual and automated assembly
Lower the surface tack of the rubber (lower coefficient of friction)
Provide economical product identification / color differentiation between similar components
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