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Datwyler's high performance o-rings are available in a variety of materials, in both standard and custom sizes. Our proprietary compounds are designed to perform in a wide range of applications with varying chemical exposures, pressures and temperatures. We offer the o-ring materials selection guide to assist our customers with finding the best o-ring material for their application.

O-Ring Material Selection Guide
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*Due to the number of interacting forces, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR ELASTOMER SELECTION BE RIGOROUSLY TESTED IN THE ACTUAL APPLICATION, performance assumptions must be checked so that you are certain that all variables have been carefully considered.

O-Ring Materials Selection Guide Chemical Resistance Side By Side Comparison

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Select one or more Oring materials from the left. Then select up to 20 chemicals (Ctrl+Select) for side by side comparisons.
Nitrile (NBR) Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)
HNBR Silicone (VMQ)
EPDM Polyacrylate (ACM)
Fluorocarbon (FKM) SBR
Neoprene (CR) Natural Rubber (NR)
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O-Ring Materials Selection Guide Rating with Selected Chemical(s)
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  Standard Compounds Special Order Compounds
ASTM D1418 Designations
Material Relative Cost
Compression Set Resistance
Resilience (Rebound)
Tear Strength
Heat Aging Resistance
Ozone Resistance
Resistance to Oil & Grease
Fuel Resistance
Water Swell Resistance
Gas Impermeability
Abrasion Resistance
High Temperature - Standard
212 °F
300 °F
300 °F
390 °F
250 °F
250 °F
450 °F
400 °F
300 °F
212 °F
220 °F
High Temperature - Special
250 °F
- - - - -
480 °F
- - - -
Low Temperature - Standard
-22 °F
- 22 °F
-60 °F
5 °F
-40 °F
-75 °F
-75 °F
-75 °F
-40 °F
-50 °F
-60 °F
Low Temperature - Special
-60 °F
-40 °F
-30 °F
- - - - - - -
Very Good
No Data
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    O-Ring Technical Help

Material selection plays a crucial role in the performance of an o-ring in your application. Operating temperatures and compatibility with the media to be sealed are arguably the two most important parameters to be considered; however, due to the number of interacting forces that can affect seal performance it is recommended that you test your material selection in your actual application. Datwyler offers full engineering support to assist our customers with this process.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Engineering Team please call us at 1-800-227-2539 x119.
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