Rubber Gaskets, Custom Gasket, and Molded Gasket Seals

Datwyler provides its customers engineered solutions for rubber gasket applications across many industries. Our rubber gaskets are custom designed for each unique application factoring in temperatures, fluid interactions, pressures and vacuums, mechanical requirements and dynamic life to ensure performance requirements are achieved. Datwyler's custom gaskets have been used in the automotive, medical, plumbing, food/beverage and general industrial segments.

Molded Rubber Gaskets Example Images
Rubber Molded Gaskets Example Image

Benefits and Properties of Datwyler's Rubber Molded Gaskets

Gaskets Mechanical Seals - Datwyler's rubber gaskets can be designed and manufactured in a range of materials and configurations. Common materials include Nitrile, EPDM, Fluorocarbon, Neoprene and Silicone. Datwyler also offers a line of specialty gasket compounds designed to meet industry specific requirements such as; NSF certified compounds for rubber gaskets used in plumbing applications. USP class VI materials for the medical industry and FDA compliant elastomer's for the food and beverage industries.

PSA Integration - Datwyler's rubber gaskets can be integrated with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to facilitate assembly. Offering a full line of pressure sensitive adhesives, Datwyler can support our customers in identifying the most appropriate PSA type for your application.

Datwyler's Custom Rubber Gasket Design Expertise:

Our team has extensive experience in designing rubber gaskets for a variety applications. Datwyler Engineers can assist our customers with:

• Engineering and Design Support
• Component Design Review for Feasibility and Manufacturability
• Rapid Prototyping and Application Testing
• Material Selection and / or Custom Compound Development
custom gaskets with pressure senstive adhesive
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Example: Molded gasket with PSA – Automotive (under hood) application. Constructed with an EPDM gasket material and PSA; this gasket is used to provide insulation while minimizing noise and vibration. Picture (left) shows gasket as assembled, and PSA gaskets on applicator sheet.
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